Redstone Perspective - How "Dangerous" the Auto OTA is

2023-06-30 13:13:31

Car OTA can be described as the trend of recent hot, who can not buy OTA upgrades now, just like the old Nokia in 2008, which can not access the Internet. However, any new technology must have its development - that is, the danger.

Today, Redstone Redstone, as the major service provider of automotive OTA solutions, tells everyone what to pay attention to.


Lexus NX 2016 photo showing screen failure due to OTA update failure

Before talking about the pitfalls of OTA's vigilance, you must first talk about the basics of car OTA:

OTA, Over The Air/over the air, the so-called "air" refers to the remote wireless mode, which refers to the remote management of SIM card data and applications through the air interface of mobile communication (GSM or CDMA). OTA technology can be understood as a kind of remote Wireless upgrade technology [1];

FOTA, Firmware Over The Air/Firmware over-the-air upgrade refers to the firmware upgrade service for networked devices such as mobile phones, tablets, portable media players, mobile internet devices, etc. through cloud upgrade technology; friends who have swiped their mobile phones We should be impressed with the "firmware version", the firmware upgrade in the phone can be called FOTA;

SOTA, Software Over The Air/software upgrades in the air, preferring application software upgrades.

Are you a little embarrassed to see this? Listening to OTA, what else is FOTA and SOTA? In fact, as the latter two are less well known, the FOTA and SOTA boundaries are rather vague. Redstone Sunshine is a professional OTA/FOTA solution provider with more than 670 million installations covering more than 220 countries. Supported by a large number of case data, it was found that there are indeed some brands in FOTA and SOTA.


Several aspects of OTA that are worthy of vigilance


FOTA and SOTA should be distinguished

In fact, FOTA is more difficult than SOTA, and the price will be higher. For example, the MG 3 with OTA function sells for only 90,000. Correspondingly, his sensor lacks the necessary configuration of many new generation cars, such as front radar, millimeter wave radar, and multi-head camera. At the same time, its OTA upgrades are more in-car functionality, focusing on non-driving improvements.

And like Tesla, you can use OTA upgrade to solve the brake distance problem of Models 3, you have to use FOTA to achieve. So the same selling point, but the level is different.


Security issues are fundamental

Cars are different from mobile phones. Compared with the convenience that can be provided, the first condition of a car is safety. This is one of the reasons why its intelligence process is slow. Some people say that the purpose of autopilot is also to protect people's driving safety. It is safer to drive smartly without interference. However, it is undeniable that in the networked environment, there are hidden dangers of being attacked by hackers. .

Intelligent networked vehicles with "automatic driving" or "assisted driving" can be actively operated by acceleration, braking and steering operations. The OTA upgrade function can control and rewrite the underlying control system of the car. If the hacker starts to destroy from the source, then what happens to the car owners can be imagined.

For the second year in a row, the Keen Security Lab of Tencent implemented a crack on the Tesla Model X system in September 2016 and July 2017, and we found in Cohen Lab's 2017 report. Tesla joined the "code signing" security mechanism in 2016 and enforced integrity checks on all FOTA upgrade firmware [9] - and these two initiatives are now standard on security mechanisms, so to speak The latecomer stood on the shoulders of the predecessors.


Tencent Cohen Lab - 2017, once again achieves no physical contact remote attack on Tesla

Of course, this issue is not unforgivable. Tesla has only repaired all the vulnerabilities in less than two weeks.


Tesla patched the vulnerability within two weeks

The above is a noteworthy "dangerous point" about the car OTA, and in general, Redstone Red Sun Sunshine CEO Han Liguang sees the car OTA like this:

The automobile OTA is the trend of the development of contemporary automobiles. It does make the car more likely. The "slim" is of course also shortcomings, and it is constantly developing and improving. You don't have to over-promise it, of course, you can't demonize it. As a solution service provider for automotive OTA, Redstone Sunshine has always been committed to bringing safer, smarter and richer car experiences to all car users in the practice of OTA technology.


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