Redstone Sunshine and VERTU reached a cooperation

2023-06-30 13:31:22


VERTU ingenuity to create aristocratic style

As the world's pop luxury brand mobile phone, VERTU is committed to providing customers with the highest quality luxury mobile phone experience. It is a perfect combination of ingenious craftsmanship, excellent materials and innovative technology, and unique service. In 2000, VERTU England's headquarters was built, and every VERTU phone made from top-quality materials was hand-crafted by British artisans. The maverick VERTU has created a new field of luxury mobile phones, and the top user experience has established VERTU's importment position in the mobile phone industry.

Redstone Sunshine, intelligently build a new era of mobile

Redstone Sunshine is the major provider of DM/OTA solutions and mobile software management technology services in China. With over 670 million smart devices and 226 countries, it has established strategic partnerships with leading global carriers and communications companies such as China Mobile and Korea Telecom. At the same time, Redstone has the larger IOT equipment cloud platform in China. It has been paying attention to the development and operation of smart connected products, and strives to realize the interconnection and sensing functions of different brands of IOT devices.

VERTU joins Redstone to create a new OTA outlet

Recently, Redstone (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Redstone) and VERTU formally reached a cooperation in Beijing, forming strategic partnerships in the fields of OTA services and terminal management, and expecting to achieve complementary advantages through resource sharing. And seek common development. In the future, both parties will jointly deploy the OTA field expansion map. The combination of VERTU and Redstone is both a trend and an inevitable development of the Internet industry's ecological development. It is also a huge dividend released by FOTA to promote the development of Internet hardware.


OTA service has always been the standard for mobile phones. The historical mission of the air upgrade package will eventually evolve into a difference between technology and service. This is the ultimate meaning of FOTA. Redstone Sunshine is the  mobile device wireless upgrade FOTA products company insists on providing VERTU elite users with high-quality and differentiated quality experience, always escorting the convenience and safety of Rittal elite users.

Redstone Sunshine has always pursued the product concept of excellence, which coincides with the VERTU mobile phone. The deep cooperation between the two companies with the spirit of artisans will spark a spark, and both inside and outside the industry will wait and see.

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