Qualcomm & Redstone Sunshine combines to create a new blueprint for the Internet of Everything

2023-06-30 13:16:01




On October 17, 2016, Redstone Sunshine (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Redstone Sunshine”) was invited to participate in the 2016 Qualcomm4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong. The summit provided a more open communication platform for operators, mobile phone OEM/ODM, hardware/software developers and many other partners. At the summit, Qualcomm & Redstone joined forces to create a global DM&FOTA platform, and through the 4G/5G link mobile terminal & Internet of Things & smart car, the era of the Internet of Everything is coming.



Embark on 4G and march towards 5G new journey, embracing the new era of the Internet of Everything

Focusing on the latest products and technologies, the annual Qualcomm Summit plays a role as a bridge between manufacturing, operators and component technology leaders, forming a unique network and information collection platform in the industry, while Redstone Sunshine, etc. Invited vendors also have high exchange value between industry resources and technology sharing.

   Qualcomm's product director at Qualcomm Summit said that Qualcomm has accumulated a large number of users in the mobile device market. Next, the Internet of Things market has become a strategic level for Qualcomm. In addition to a comprehensive introduction to the advantages of the Snapdragon 820 solution, the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit also features new features for the next generation of products. According to the official introduction, the next generation of Opteron processors will focus on VR virtual reality, security, ultra-high-definition VoLTE video calling, scenario computing performance, and AI machine intelligence and machine learning.

The development of 4G has opened up a new era of mobile Internet, and the future 5G will achieve a wide and deep integration with the vertical industry to achieve a true "Internet of Everything". Qualcomm has successfully completed the transfer of 3G to 4G, the evolution of 5G and even the development of the Internet of Everything. It is also inseparable from the joint efforts of major enterprises. Through consultation and cooperation in all aspects, we will once again change our lives.


Redstone Sunshine Interconnected Bridge


In the face of the “Stars and Seas” of the Internet of Everything, Redstone Sunshine has been committed to FOTA upgrades and DM equipment management solutions. Redstone Sunshine is a member of the OMA organization. The OMA DM protocol can help various types of devices to interconnect data between different types of networks, and is especially suitable for the centralized management of a large number of terminal devices. In November 2013, Hongshi Sunshine and China Mobile and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the new DM standard. The Redstone DM terminal function implementation process fully complies with the authentication and data protection security mechanisms specified in the OMA DM security protocol. Compliant with global telecom operator specifications, including AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon.

    Many of the vendors, solutions and mobile phone brands invited by Qualcomm Summit have adopted the FOTA wireless upgrade solution provided by Redstone Sunshine. At present, Redstone Sunshine's global partners cover more than 40 countries and regions around the world, serving end users. Over 550 million.

     How high the pattern is and how big the stage is. It is believed that through the continuous efforts of Redstone for many years, it will definitely bring more excellent resources and services to more enterprises and manufacturers. Everything is connected, just around the corner!



Redstone Sunshine

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